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Considerations For Choosing a Floor Lamp

June 15, 2021

Considerations For Choosing a Floor Lamp

Obviously, every floor lamp has its own unique aesthetics. The choice of floor lamp must not only be beautiful, but also match the space you want to place. Sometimes floor lamps look great on pictures, but it is important to consider the scale and how the lamp looks in your particular space. Here are the points to remember:


The cost of floor lamps varies greatly, from low-cost, purely functional models to thousands of dollars in art or design works. Generally speaking, the more complex the aesthetic or the desirable name, the more expensive the work. But the essence of a floor lamp usually means that a brilliant design can become a work of art in the room it is in.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp


The size can also vary greatly. Sunshade or torch lights, although very tall, take up very little space in the vertical direction, making them easy to blend into the surrounding space. At the same time, the arc-shaped floor lamp occupies more space due to its horizontal extension. It is important to know how much space you need to place a floor lamp so that you can actively find the right size.

If you are looking at a lamp with a tripod base, make sure you have enough space on the floor and surrounding area so that the lamp does not feel cramped or get hit frequently.


Height is another factor to consider. The higher the light source, the wider the spread of light. This is great for ambient lighting, but not so ideal for task lighting, because you want the light to be closer and more focused, but you don’t want it to block your way, so that when you sit next to it, it won’t hit your head anymore.

Also consider the size of other things in the room-if you like low, platform-style furniture, make sure that the lights you choose don't tower over them like cartoons. The height of some floor lamps can be adjusted, which is very convenient if you often need to change the lamp.

Finally, choose a floor lamp that can hide the light source from your line of sight to avoid uncomfortable glare. So if you stand nearby, the light source of the lamp should be blocked by the shadow.

Choose your floor light layer

Perhaps most importantly, you should choose a floor lamp based on the type of lighting required in the room. Look at the three key layers of light: environment, mission, and accent. Maybe you want warm ambient lighting, a row of shaded floor lamps can provide. Or maybe you just want some direct lighting to illuminate your reading chair, in which case arc lights will be ideal. Or a torch is just to illuminate a corner and add some accent lighting. The style of light emitted by the floor lamp should also affect its location, so make sure you choose the right piece for the space.

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