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How Often Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

May 18, 2021

How Often Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

The chandelier is the centerpiece of small and medium-sized houses. They are thought to add an elegance and dazzling brilliance to the room where you want to hang them.

However, at some point, your lighting equipment may lose their luster and attractiveness due to many factors. Due to the influence of other air pollutants, the layers of dust accumulated on the crystals and grime may greatly reduce its brightness.

When this happens, it will tell you it's time to clean them up. The frequency of cleaning the chandelier depends on the type, location and shape of the crystal. However, many chandeliers are often overlooked, and because of their complicated design, many people often refuse to clean them until absolutely necessary.

How to safely remove the dust on the chandelier

If your chandelier is soaked with dust and cobwebs, you need to clean it up before the special occasion, because when you may be in a hurry, it may cause you to drop some crystals or completely damage the lamp . Clean your chandelier before a big event and it will be ready when you are ready.

There are two ways to do this. The choice is related to the way you clean the fixture, you can decide whether it is wet cleaning or dry cleaning. If you have a gorgeous chandelier, or a chandelier that is too tall and too clean, you may end up having to wet clean the fixtures.

Steps to take before cleaning the chandelier

Before you start cleaning your gorgeous lighting fixtures, follow standard safety measures. First of all, you need to cut off the power at the circuit breaker box to prevent electric shock. Second, plug a light into the other socket on the other circuit breaker switch, and then move the table away.

Third, bring a ladder that is high enough so that you do not stand on the last two steps. Fourth, put a piece of plastic on the floor to prevent water droplets. Finally, put a washable, soft, bi-fold blanket on the floor to prevent any crystals from falling off.

How to wet clean the chandelier

To effectively wet cleaning your lamps, preparation is the key. Take time to complete all steps correctly:

-Cover all bulbs with small plastic sandwich bags and fix them with rubber bands.

-Follow the instructions on the ammonia bottle to make a cleaning spray of ammonia and distilled water; it is recommended to use distilled water on the faucet because it will not leave residue on the crystals. Then spray the chandelier with ordinary distilled water to rinse. Or, you can purchase a special chandelier cleaner.

-Spray the chandelier thoroughly to remove dust and dirt, let the detergent drip down, or follow the product instructions.

-Some crystals must be wiped by hand.

-Let the lamp dry for 1-2 days before turning on the light again.

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